California Prison Receiver Health Care Facilities

California Department of Corrections

Multiple Sites, California

gkkworks was a member of one of the three Integrated Project Delivery teams selected to design and construct seven medical and mental health care facilities in California. Our team produced a concept design as design-builders, including analysis of construction systems, phasing, cost estimating, constructability reviews and construction procurement strategies. CPR's Lean Project Delivery process emphasized innovative approaches such as Just-in-Time Planning, Knowledge-Based Design, and Value Stream Mapping to deliver the project on-budget with an aggressive schedule. All three selected teams worked together in a "co-competition" to develop the prototype and competed to design and construct the first of the seven facilities.

Each facility houses 1,300 to 1,700 patients who were reassigned from state prisons to receive medical and mental health treatment including long-term nursing care, assisted living and hospice. Campus composition includes up to 35 buildings including various housing types, diagnostic and treatment services, patient programs, administration, warehouse, fire station, kitchen and dining, maintenance services, central plant and waste treatment.

The client's goal was to develop a new "sustainable health care system" for California "that cares for prisoners as patients and not a prison that cares for healthcare needs as inmates." The facilities were designed to achieve a LEED Silver Rating.


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