Frederick High School No. 8

St. Vrain Valley School District

Longmont, Colorado

klipp, a division of gkkworks, provided architectural services for this new 175,000 SF high school which is organized into two distinct components, each supporting specific intentions for student engagement. The north building is programmed for academic functions, while the southern building is programmed for active functions including fitness, music, art and drama. The connector between the two buildings contains the administrative area and the library/media center. The auditorium is designed to accommodate 750 seats and a variety of performance styles. The school also includes a Freshman Center, a grouping of instructional classrooms that support the curriculum for incoming freshmen. Support spaces in the academic building, such as the small group rooms and teacher office suites, are near classroom clusters to encourage student and teacher interaction. The buildings' organization creates outdoor courtyards that embrace the community and encourage student use.  

The District established a sustainability benchmark of a LEED Silver rating. Key sustainable elements incorporated in the design include building orientation, daylight harvesting, high performance building envelope and glazing, energy efficient HVAC components, water conservation strategies and comprehensive integration of energy controls for all building systems. The school is expected to operate well below the District's average consumption for high schools.


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