Harry Bridges K-8 Span School

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, California

gkkworks provided master planning, programming, and architectural design services for this new, innovative K-8 span school. The program called for physically separated, two-story, steel-braced and steel-stud classroom buildings with new parking, shared facilities, playfield, and site improvements around new structures. The educational program for the new elementary school consisted of a small learning community (SLC) for grades K-5, and contains thirty-four teaching stations, six of which are kindergarten classrooms.

The program for the new middle school consisted of an SLC for grades six through eight, and has nine teaching stations, two additional flexible classrooms, two flexible science labs, and two set-aside classrooms. A shared facility building houses the library, multipurpose room/gymnasium, flexible drama/production classroom, a small administration area, teachers' collaboration room, all related storage, and service rooms.


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