Prototype Charter School

Pacific Charter School Development

Los Angeles, California

The new charter school is located on a 54,000 SF urban site. The campus plan is designed in three scales: The urban plan/context, the school community and the classroom which is centered on the relationships of students, teachers and performance. The building program includes 18 classrooms, 3 science/chemistry classrooms and workrooms, 2 computer labs, gymnasium, multipurpose room, lunch shelter, administration and counseling. The urban context of this project is shared by residential and commercial users and is flanked by main roads on three sides of the campus. The inclusion of a charter school into this urban setting provides an opportunity to establish a community center that both unifies and creates a sense of place. The school becomes a signature building that sets new standards for excellence, ones that are intrinsically tied to achievement, health and community based support systems. Individual classrooms are located along the central courtyard spine and share day-lighting and views with the landscaped main quad. Classrooms are designed using a "universal classroom" design that utilizes interactive teaching walls, allowing for teaching to occur on three walls. This method of design also provides maximum flexibility for educators to vary classroom configuration and layout based on their methods for success. Access to natural light, cross ventilation, day-lighting controls and healthful building materials all contribute to the classroom functioning as an instrument of learning. Classrooms utilize low VOC, recyclable and recycled materials. The school, in this circumstance, becomes a learning tool for students.


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