Dorsey High School

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, California

The Susan Miller Dorsey High School Redevelopment project is Los Angeles Unified School District's first design-build project, and consists of a new ninth-grade academy classroom building, a new competition gymnasium, and renovation and refitting of the original gymnasium building. The ninth-grade academy building includes thirteen general classrooms, one flexible classroom, one flexible science classroom, and two science classrooms. The gymnasium program includes ticket sales, concessions, locker rooms, team rooms, and faculty office spaces. The new gymnasium is the largest interior event space on the campus. Translucent glazing on the north and the south façades, and along the north and south vertical faces of the raised vaulted roof, bring glare-free and diffused natural light to the interior. Revitalization and expansion of the campus enhances the architectural quality of the public realm, for both the campus and the neighborhood it serves. Through an integrated design process, the team provided state-of-the-art learning environments that easily adapt to new technology while encouraging positive social interaction, and interior and exterior teaching stations for a range of learning opportunities. The design also aims to sustain concentration and joy in learning while providing space that will adapt to future program needs. The new gymnasium and classrooms achieved LEED Silver certification.


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