Wheelock Gymnasium Renovation

Riverside City College

Riverside, California

Built in 1928, the 41,000 square foot gymnasium has historical value to Riverside City College. An analysis of the structure showed that the building had seismic deficiencies that could result in significant structural damage and loss of life in the event of an earthquake. After considering a number of alternatives, gkkworks renovated and retrofitted the building to mitigate seismic deficiencies as well as deficiencies in fire and life safety, accessibility and efficient configuration of space to meet program needs.

The project consists of a gymnasium/basketball arena with two levels of seating. Locker, shower, restroom, and team-room facilities are provided to support the gymnasium. In addition, PE classrooms, fitness center, and PE administrative and coaching offices are provided within the facility; the new design creates a new entry plaza to accommodate these changes.


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