Urgent Care Facility

City of Pasadena

Pasadena, California

gkkworks was selected to provide architecture, interior design and per-construction services for this not-for-profit, free community clinic. The design intent is to minimize the impact to the surrounding neighborhood, and create an inviting, warm, and environmentally friendly building, which is a LEED Silver certification. The single-story building houses women's health, family practice, and dental services. The design intent guiding the creation of the LEED silver facility revolved around minimizing the impact to the surrounding neighborhood and creating an inviting, warm and environmentally friendly facility. This was done using warm neutral color palette that would blend with the landscape and complement the mature trees that will remain on site. A smooth warm oatmeal color stucco is combined with a golden agrifiber composite decking product, a material that utilizes post-consumer waste product in its creation, to give a balanced, restful appearance to the façade. The single-story building housing both Community Health Alliance of Pasadena and an Urgent Care clinic has a low profile and horizontal linear elements suggesting a relaxed and accessible environment. The canopy structure acts as a beacon to the entrances of the public space while also providing an embracing welcome to the clinics.


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