Catheterization/Electrophysiology Lab Remodel

White Memorial Medical Center

Los Angeles, California

To expand patient care services within its community, White Memorial Medical Center selected gkkworks to remodel 3,200 SF of hospital space to house two new, state-of-the-art electrophysiology labs and corresponding support functions. The labs are designed to accommodate new EP procedures. The procedure rooms are accessed through a centralized vestibule with entry points to each lab, one on each end. A combined viewing/conference room is located between the two labs and provides maximum visibility into each lab. Acoustic connectivity to the labs is also provided, in order to facilitate the teaching and research goals of this department.

Since the EP labs are designed for teaching and research as well as for patient treatment, the control rooms are generously sized to accommodate 15-20 people, enabling them to view procedures. All procedure room monitors are ceiling-mounted to ensure visibility from the control and viewing/conference rooms. Acoustical connectivity enables physicians to communicate between procedure and viewing/conference rooms.


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