Latisys Data Center Expansion


Oak Brook, Illinois

Latisys, formerly known as Stargate, is a collocation data center catering to different customers. Latisys had begun renovating their existing data center located in an occupied and running building.

Faced with a few challenges on how the data center should perform, we took time to consult and inform the client on several opportunities during the expansion. The client's focus was on flexibility and to have enhanced capabilities to compliment the expansion. A lot of undocumented conditions needed researching as well. We had to demonstrate the strategy and ideas to the client's building department, assuring them that the design of the data center will expand and enhance capabilities by setting higher standards and implementing innovative best practices.

While on a fast-track schedule our team was on site daily working with the client prior to design. By implementing these best practices our team was able to allow the highest power density at the lowest entry cost with scalability and flexibility implemented in the design. We also re-utilized the building systems to maximize use and save money, and re-configured the systems to more effectively reuse them. In the end, our approach was successful and Latisys was able to expand with minimal to no interruption in services.


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