Kohinoor Square Tower

Kohinoor Group

Mumbai, India

gkkworks won a design competition for this mixed-use commercial high rise tower in Mumbai, India. The source of inspiration for the design concept is the meaning of the name Kohinoor: mountain of light. Kohinoor is also the name of the largest diamond in the world. The diamond is the ultimate gemstone; it is the hardest substance found in nature, yet the most transparent, with a long history in India. The tower's design objectives challenge the typical glass office building by the abstract pattern created by diamond geometry and triangulation. The triangular shapes are layered onto the building's mass and façades, through clearly defined planes and opposites: void and solid, opacity and transparency. The result is a building design that not only has symbolic meaning but creates a unique and powerful presence worthy of the Kohinoor name.

The glass surfaces of the tower are an abstracted pattern inspired by the geometry and triangulation of a diamond. Technological breakthroughs for Indian construction practices are being achieved in structural design, life safety code concepts and sustainability. A commitment to environmental consciousness is demonstrated with sustainable features including; rainwater harvesting, black water and grey water treatment, biowalls in vegetated indoor sky gardens, double façade curtain walls and more to meet Gold certification requirements of the Indian Green Building Council. It is gkkworks' focus and goal to see that the Kohinoor tower design becomes a global icon that symbolizes the future of India.


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