17th & Larimer

Denver, Colorado

This project involves the renovation of a 110,000 square foot, eight-floor office building located at 17th and Larimer Streets, and was originally known as the Barclay Building when it opened in 1982. Though the multi-tenant property was partially renovated in 1996, the owner determined that it was under-used based on its location and the strength of the office lease market. The significant renovation to the property upgraded the building from a Class B to a Class A property.

The extensive building renovation program includes a new of the façade, relocation of the main office entrance lobby to the corner of 17th and Larimer Streets, and a complete remodel of all the building's common areas. Extensive upgrades to the building's mechanical systems improved energy efficiency. The building was awarded LEED certification. gkkworks, provided architectural services for this project.


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