gkkworks El Segundo Offices


El Segundo, California

The effort of melding the gkkworks' corporate identity and its brand image with the inherent culture of the construction services user group was the primary design consideration. A seamlessly functioning workplace design was achieved through thoughtful user input and many versions of collaborative space planning to ensure flexible and efficient use of space yielding 16 stations, four offices, hoteling for four and a receptionist position. Sharp transitions in materials, planes and accents differentiate spatial use and provide depth of field for each space with clean and simple lines. The eye is drawn to carefully selected accent colors, to compliment the sleek well-planned work spaces with custom built filing, bookcases and short term work areas at the perimeter curtain wall, which refuse to disturb the exterior views.

The systems furniture workstations design portrays clean, simple details with a combination of sandblasted and clear glass panel insets that provide privacy at the main aisles, yet allows full view of the horizon across 180 degrees from Long Beach to Malibu. Marketing, contract and bidding areas along the core walls provide drawings storage, layout, filing and work counters, all laced throughout the minimal nature of the workstations, out of the way but integral to spatial functions. The private office area takes advantage of the building's architecture by use of a storefront glass system and full light doors. This was key to echoing the management team's work-style - transparent. Open access to all members of the business unit is an important dynamic to how seating occurs in this space while all staff members also have the benefit of the scenic view wherever they reside.


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